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Wood And Turf

Dublin Fuels provides clients all over North Dublin and the surrounding areas with a full range of turf and wood options suitable for open fires and enclosed fires. Our solid fuel options create an ambient and warm atmosphere in any property.
We provide clients with a range of turf logs along with long burning Bord Na Mona briquettes. These Bord na Mona briquettes are made from completely 100% natural ingredients that all sourced in Ireland. These briquettes are designed to be easy to light and are a safe non-sparking and non-shattering open fire fuel option.
No matter what kind of solid fuel you need; Dublin Fuels we will be able to deliver it to you directly.

Our Range of Pre Packed Wood Logs, Turf and Kindling

Our pre-packed range of turf and wood logs are available for delivery to clients all over North Dublin and the surrounding areas.
All our supplied fuel is available at extremely competitive prices.
Some of our solid fuel products include:







No matter your home heating solution, Dublin Fuels will be able to advise you on the right solid fuel product for your property.