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Stove Coal

Dublin Fuels provides clients all over North Dublin and the surrounding areas with a range of Irish sourced stove coal. All our stove coal has been carefully engineered to maximise the heat produced from enclosed stoves and enclosed burners. We provide clients with a range of smokeless coal options that are safe to use in areas that forbid traditional refined coal.
Our coal creates a warm homely atmosphere. Its efficiency makes it a cost-effective home heating solution when used in conjunction with a back boiler or a stove.
Our coal is easy to light, burns better and lasts much longer – and as such is a cost-effective home heating solution.

Our Stove Coal Range

Dublin Fuels provides all our North Dublin clients with the very best in Irish sourced stove coal.
Our enclosed fire coal has been designed to maximise the energy produced by burners and stoves.

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  • CPL ECOAL 30 (Eco Friendly)

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