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Open Fire Coal

Dublin Fuels provides clients with a range of Irish sourced open fire coal. All our open fire coal has been engineered to be safely used in fireplaces – as the possibility of the coal shattering or splintering has been minimised. Our competitively priced coal, burns clearer, warmer and better than refined coal.
It also burns longer than refined coal and as such our product is a cost-effective home heating solution.
All our coal creates a beautiful warm and homely atmosphere in any property.

Our Open Fire Coal Range

Our precision engineered open fire coal is sourced exclusively from Irish companies.

If you’re not sure what open fire coal is right for your property, then get in contact with our offices today. Our friendly employees can help advise you on the appropriate fuel for your open fire.

  • BNM Gems

  • BNM Standard Smokeless

  • BNM Super Smokeless

  • BNM Cosyflame

  • BNM Fireflame

  • CPL Ecoal 30 (eco-friendly)

  • CPL Supertherm 30 (eco-friendly)

  • Mcglaughlins Eco Glow

  • Galtee Clean Flame

For more information on our range of open fire fuels, get in contact with Dublin Fuels today.